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Just when you thought you heard everything about bank wrongdoing, in this gripping exposé, you’ll see there is much more, and presented from dual vantage points.  How so?  This brutally candid recounting comes from a former Morgan Stanley insider who saw one of his staff excoriated in the media in what devolved into a public relations nightmare for Morgan Stanley.  Years later, he found himself to be a similarly unwitting target of Morgan Stanley’s wrath; albeit in a manner and for a duration that was not only far worse, but seemingly unfathomable.

As with the notorious Watergate scandal, the initial transgression (an outrageous employment fraud) pales in comparison to the ensuing cover-up.  Due to this and many other parallels, the underlying scandal has been coined “MorganStanleyGate”.  And with its long-established reputation as a “white shoe firm”, Morgan Stanley is shown to have a peculiar appetite and proclivity for eating its own, be they employees or clients.

Cannibals in White Shoes: The MorganStanleyGate Exposé is not just another story of wrongdoing by a too-big-to-fail bank.  It is not only a saga of crimes driven by unbridled greed.  And this is not merely an unconventional quest for justice.  It is more than that.

This is a “StorySagaQuestMore”, a literary genre with an innovative, entertaining, and information-rich format, ultimately intended to instigate meaningful action by those who seek long overdue changes to rigged systems of oppression in banking, the judicial system and law enforcement – domains that many believe are broken in America today.  And the mind-boggling transgressions described throughout this Trilogy underscore the urgent need for change – for if this could happen to of a successful Ivy-league educated corporate finance, real estate and investment banking executive, it could happen to anyone – and sadly it often does, you just don’t hear about it.  [Note:  This new literary genre is explained in greater detail in the Preface, and is also accessible through the above tab, denoted as “What is a StorySagaQuestMore?“.]

Those who instigated MorganStanleyGate eventually caused trading losses in subprime residential mortgages that were so massive, they became prominent figures in bringing about the Great Recession, and in also necessitating Morgan Stanley’s secret bailout by the Federal Reserve in an amount exceeding . . .


. . . and this is NOT a typo, nor an exaggeration.

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