The Trilogy


In writing a magnum opus exposé on seemingly incredulous events spanning one and a half decades, and seeking meaningful change to rigged systems of oppression from which many others may benefit, it became clear this literary project had to be divided into compellingly finite, yet comprehensively-supported and commercially acceptable segments.

Accordingly, Cannibals in White Shoes: The MorganStanleyGate Exposé was developed as a trilogy based on time period and geographical locale.  Although the first volume establishes a necessarily more dated historical foundation, each volume focuses on recounting scandal-related events over periods of roughly five to six years, which principally played out in three separate states, as follows:

Volume 1 . . . . . . . New York (2000 — 2005)

Volume 2 . . . North Carolina (2005 — 2010)

Volume 3 . . . . . . . . . Florida (2010 — 2016)

It may appear this matter is relegated to the East coast; however, it spans the country, including leading character involvement from the unlikely states of Kansas and California. And since all books in this trilogy are predicated on the same scandal, they are naturally adorned with the same banner title, but have volume subtitles that provide hints to their contents:

Volume 1:  Big Apple Battleground — After establishing a prefacing groundwork, this volume covers the who, what, when, why and how it all began in New York, principally emanating from Morgan Stanley’s corporate headquarters in Times Square of midtown Manhattan.

Volume 2:  Carolina Coup De Grace — This volume describes how the intended outrageous “death blow” was designed and executed in North Carolina, as part of the ensuing cover-up; however, there was certainly nothing merciful in the diabolically malevolent tactics employed.

Volume 3: Sunshine State Offensive — All elements of the scandal are revealed in this final volume, including the especially outlandish efforts undertaken in Florida to keep it “swept under the rug”.  Also presented are details of the plan to dismantle the rigged systems of oppression that made MorganStanleyGate possible, in which anyone may participate with minimal effort and be rewarded for their success, perhaps substantially so.